DFG Research Training Group Locating Media

The Graduate School „Locating Media“ was set up in 2012 and has focused on researching historical and current media practices ‚in motion‘ and ‚in situ‘. The main objective of „Locating Media“ is to facilitate a methodological re-orientation of interdisciplinary media research by engaging with locational and situational analyses and the development of new methods for the analysis and design of mobile digital media.
The main objective of “Locating Media” is to explore media and media practices “in motion” and “in situ”. The first funding period was dedicated to empirically and conceptually account for the “renaissance of location” of media and its converging technical, conceptual, design-oriented and everyday dimensions. The second period will expand existing expertise in ethnographic methodologies to research the dispersed spatiality and distributed situations of mobile media and data practices, offering a relevant contribution to the development of inventive methodologies in fields of media studies and sociology.


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