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Lecture Series: Data Ethnography – Luciana Parisi (Duke University)

23. Oktober 2019

Datapower: Prediction and Incomputability – Luciana Parisi (Duke University)
As machine learning AI has replaced symbolic logic with predictive reasoning, no longer can the means or instruments of capital be associated with teleological metaphysics and ontological totalities. Whilst some argue against the data infrastructure that reproduces the cognitive mapping of sovereign computation, others have instead defined intelligent machines as instruments of war against populations (or the living itself). This talk discusses these views in light of a profound transformation in the history of machine intelligence demarcated by the automation of learning in the fields of cybernetics and computation. From this standpoint, this talk suggests that a critique of datapower requires a challenging re-invention of the notion of instrumentality at the core of critical theories of technology. In order to shift the underlying limits of today’s polarised views about data (e.g., data appropriation and data refusal), this talk will discuss the dynamic tension between predictive intelligence and incomputability in learning data systems.



Biweekly on Tuesdays – 6pm – AH 217/218

23 Oct Luciana Parisi (Duke University) Datapower: Prediction and Incomputability
29 Oct Jolynna Sinanan (University of Sydney) Little Cultures of Small Data: Everyday Digital Experiences
12 Nov David Moats (Linköping University) Crunching Data Like an Anthropologist: Rethinking the Divide Between Data Science and Interpretive Social Science
26 Nov Aline Franzke (University of Duisburg-Essen) Situated Knowledge as a Concept for Data Ethics
10 Dec Vladan Joler (University of Novi Sad) Exploitation Forensics
14 Jan Arran Ridley (University of Leeds) Notes From the Design Studio: Charting how Designers Design with and for Data
21 Jan Arjun Appadurai (New York University) Digitality, Memory and Failure
28 Jan Crystal Abidin (Curtin University) Cultures in the influencer Industry via Soft and Hard
Data Approaches


23. Oktober 2019